At Audi of Richmond, we want to make sure that you are taken care of. Audi Certified Pre-Owned vehicles give that satisfaction of performance and peace of mind, knowing that the vehicle you’re driving is always as good now, as it was new. We select only the best of the best Audi vehicles to undergo the 300+ Point Inspection and bear the title of Audi Certified Pre-Owned. To say we consider each and every detail, both when we build your Audi and when we give it our Certified stamp of approval, is hardly an exaggeration.

Finance Rates starting at 0.9%

We’ve got you covered for up to 6 years or 160,000km
(whichever occurs first).

YearModelColourStock #WasNow
2014A4 2.0 TechnikGlacier White MetallicAUH02399$49,125$40,125
2014Q5 3.0 ProgressivGlacier White MetallicAUBV6818$51,125$46,125
2015A3 2.0T ProgressivLotus Grey MetallicAUCL3412$43,975$39,975
2015A3 2.0T ProgressivGlacier White MetallicAUCF0463$44,425$39,925
2015A3 2.0T TechnikLotus Grey MetallicAUBN5866$45,175$42,102
2015A4 2.0T ProgressivMythos Black MetallicAUCV8120$47,715$42,715
2015A4 2.0T ProgressivMonsoon Grey MetallicAUCV8090$47,715$44,215
2015A4 Allroad 2.0T ProgressivIbis WhiteAUDG7088$52,075$48,075
2015S4 3.0T TechnikMythos Black MetallicAUCR6516$64,015$59,015
2015A6 3.0T TechnikGlacier White MetallicAUDQ5623$72,425$65,625
2015A6 3.0 TDI TechnikPhantom Black PearlAUDQ5627$74,925$70,425
2015A7 3.0T TechnikGlacier White MetallicAUCR6122$81,125$73,325
2015S8 4.0 T QuattroGlacier White MetallicAUDG7254$137,625$128,625
2015Q3 2.0T FWD ProgressivGlacier White MetallicAUDQ6012$38,075$36,075
2015Q3 2.0T FWD ProgressivTundra Brown MetallicAUDQ6013$37,715$35,715
2015Q5 2.0T ProgressivUtopia Blue MetallicAUCR6947$52,215$48,215
2015Q5 2.0T ProgressivMonsoon Grey MetallicAUCV9196$50,015$46,602
2015Q5 2.0T ProgressivMonsoon Grey MetallicAUCR6913$50,015$46,015
2015Q5 2.0T TechnikGlacier White MetallicAUDQ5950$53,465$49,465
2015Q7 3.0T SportOrca Black MetallicAUDQ5638$74,325$69,425
2015Q7 3.0T Vorsprung EditionGlacier White MetallicAUEE2805$69,075$65,075
2015Q7 3.0 TDI ProgressivDaytona Grey PearlAUCV8640$66,675$62,875
2015Q7 3.0T Vorsprung EditionOrca BlackMetallicAUDQ5632$68,025$66,025

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